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Science of Trust

Science of Trust

For the past thirty-five years, John Gottman’s research has been focused on measuring interactive processes in couples and predicting the long-term success or failure of relationships. In this newest hardcover release, he presents a new approach to understanding and changing couples: a fundamental social skill called “emotional attunement,” which describes a couple’s ability to fully process and move on from negative emotional events, ultimately creating a stronger relationship. Gottman draws from this longitudinal research and theory to show how emotional attunement can downregulate negative affect, help couples focus on positive traits and memories, and even help prevent domestic violence. He offers a detailed intervention devised to cultivate attunement, thereby helping couples connect, respect, and show affection. Emotional attunement is extended to tackle the subjects of flooding, the story we tell ourselves about our relationship, conflict, personality, changing relationships, and gender. Gottman also explains how to create emotional attunement when it is missing, to lay a foundation that will carry the relationship through difficult times.

De John Gottman, 480 pages, 2011. Publié par W.W. Norton & Co.

sku: 9780393705959

Explicitness: Explicitness: 1/5

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